The Italian Institute of Project Management (ISIPM) is a non-profit association founded in October 2005 in Rome to create a new entity in project management area with specific reference to ICT (Information & Communication Technology), project management within Public Administration and the new so-called “Agile” approaches. The board of directors of the Institute includes professionals from different fields: consulting, Italian and international private companies, army and others. ISIPM promotes the growth of project management culture among all stakeholders, in their different roles: customers, suppliers, sponsors, consultants and participants in projects.

ISIPM is an independent association who promotes all best practices and methodologies already recognized worldwide (PMI®, IPMA, Prince2); moreover it serves as REP (Registered Education Provider) of the Project Management Institute.

In order to sponsor educational and entry level approach to project management, in 2008 the Institute has introduced a basic certificate to the discipline, with a formal examination and passing test.

ISIPM uses to organize several events a year; some of these also have international scope, with very recognized speakers. In November 2008 the Institute had Dr. Russell D. Archibald as keynote speaker; the focus was on the role of project management as leverage for developing and improving the performances of public administration (PA) and related organizations (http://www.pmforum.org/blogs/news/2008/12/project-management-for-ublic.html). The international event in 2009 was dedicated to maturity models in project management, having keynote speaker Darcy Prado (www.maturityresearch.com).

ISIPM has until now published three volumes for supporting its introductory certification policy and the maturity model approach for developing project management in organizations. Several cooperation agreements have been signed with Italian business schools and other learning institutes in order to provide training leading to the ISIPM ‘Basic Certificate in Project Management’. While three-days courses are normally provided by third parties, based on the published Guide, no formal attendance is required to take the certification test.

As of May 2022, more than 16.000 have obtained this certificate, which may be suitable for advancing in further project management qualifications. At the same date, the membership of the Institute is ca.3000.

More information about ISIPM (in Italian) can be found at www.isipm.org.

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